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“For people like me, who only use a tender to get to and from their boat over a short distance, its an ideal solution” - Motor Boat and Yachting Dec 21 issue, page 95. 

“The Thrustme Kicker, sold in the UK by Green Mariner, has 16kg of thrust – equivalent to slightly less than a 2hp petrol unit – yet it weighs only 4.4kg, including the battery, making it ideal for small tenders” - Practical Boat Owner, Nov 21 issue, page 52.


“Small tender outboard ..less than half the weight of most competitors (electric or petrol)” - Yachting World, Nov 21 issue, Page 73. 

A Bit About Us

Since our first day, we’ve brought the best selection of green products and complimentary merchandise to our customers starting with the amazing Thrustme motors for Kayaks SUPs and Tenders. Our name has become synonymous with quality and innovative products that are as green as you can get. You may ask how good they are, well we only stock products that we wanted to buy for our own use, and once we've bought something...if we like it enough, we put it in our shop.

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Kicker review

Motor Boat & Yachting editor Hugo Andreae borrowed a 1kW Thrustme Kicker for a week over the summer to get a proper feel for what this electric outboard can do.

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